• Otis Falls Mill Recreation Area

    In 2013 Mary Howes and Tim DeMillo generously donated a Recreation Trails Easement to Androscoggin Land Trust.   The easement ensures public access to the Otis Falls Mill property, which previously had been closed off to the public for over a century. Components of the easement include: Hand-carry Boat Launch (please… Read More
  • Packard-Littlefield Farm

    This working farm was conserved in 2004 through funding from the Land for Maine’s Future Program and the Farmland Ranch Protection Program.  In 2007 and 2010 the landowners, Bob and Ella Mae Packard, generously donated two additional agricultural conservation easements to the Androscoggin Land Trust, bringing the total conserved acreage… Read More
  • Hallelujah Farm

    This 170-acre privately -owned working farm was conserved in 2008 through a generous donation by landowner Ripley Swan, funding by the Land for Maine's Future Program and with considerable assistance by the USDA's Farm and Ranch Land Protection Program. Aside from being perpetually available for agriculture, this conservation easement property also… Read More
  • No Name Pond Conservation Area

    This conservation easement on land owned by the City of Lewiston conserves approximately 35 acres along the pond to protect the pond's natural resources, maintain water quality and preserve wildlife habitat. The project was a partnership between the land trust and the City in its effort to seek permits for… Read More
  • Huston Farm Conservation Area

    Androscoggin Land Trust conserves almost 90 acres within the Huston Farm Conservation Area, a significant area of farmland protection and open space within urban New Auburn.  ALT owns 27 acres here while holding a conservation easement on an additional 62 acres of privately owned agricultural land as well as holding… Read More
  • Garcelon Bog Conservation Area

    The Garcelon Bog conservation easement protects over 100 acres of ecologically significant wetland in the heart of Lewiston. It is a unique ecological feature in the City and contains a variety of natural habitat types including forested, open and emergent wetlands that support a wide variety of plant and animal… Read More
  • North Turner River Conservation Area

    At the end of 2010, Maine Farmland Trust and Androscoggin Land Trust completed a collaborative effort to conserve 625 acres of working farmland and forest along the Androscoggin River on Gulf Island Pond.  The land will remain privately owned, but it is permanently protected by conservation easements that allow for… Read More
  • Pleasant Pond Conservation Area

    Three conservation easements donated to ALT in 1998, 1999 and 2001 conserve a total area of 262-acres along North Parish Road. The properties consist of agricultural fields, woods, and pond shoreline within the historic landscape of Merrill Hill and Pleasant Pond. These parcels are privately owned and are not open… Read More
  • Keene-Whitman Memorial Forest

    ALT's first conservation easement!  Donated by George G. Martin in 1996 to the New England Forestry Foundation, this 120-acre parcel was protected in 1998 by a conservation easement that is co-held by the Androscoggin Land Trust and the Lake Auburn Watershed Protection Commission. The property contains forests and a stream… Read More