• Riverwalk

    2014-06-17 16.07.36The Riverwalk trail is a paved trail in Auburn that runs alongside the Androscoggin River and begins at either Bonney Park or at the Great Falls.

    The trail diverts in two directions at Bonney Park.  Heading west on the trail leads to Moulton Field, and heading east leads you across the old railway bridge – now a pedestrian bridge – and into Simard Payne Memorial Railroad Park.

    A mile of the trail follows the river and there are beautiful views of the footbridge, South, or Bernard Lown Peace Bridge, or from the
    West Pitch Park end of the trail; the Great Falls and an expanse of Lewiston and Auburn.

    The winding path, as well as the riverwalk6beautiful views make this trail great for a short run, bike, or walk. The trail is pet friendly and a great place to bring the entire family!

    Directions: This trail can be accessed via Main Street or the Festival Plaza in Auburn. It can also be accessed via Moulton Field on the western side of the river behind Great Falls School.