ALT River Race Rules and Safety 2019

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  • PFDs (personal floatation devices, or life jackets) must be worn by all participants for the duration of the race.  PFDs should fit snugly.
  • For Long Distance Paddle (7 mile course) helmets (whitewater or bike helmets) are recommended.
  • All 3 finish lines are marked by 2 buoys to paddle between.
  • Please be sure your bib number is worn by the person in the front of the boat to be visible from the shore at the finish line
  • Always yield to the lead canoe/kayak. Physical contact between canoes/kayaks may be grounds for disqualification.
  • Once entered, do not quit the race without notifying the sweep boat (the last boat). The race cannot end until all are safely accounted for.
  • The Androscoggin Land Trust, its sponsors and volunteers, are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  • Alcohol is prohibited in the race and race areas.
  • Smoking is prohibited.
  • Competitors must stop to assist any capsized, swamped or otherwise endangered team unless certain that the team is fully capable of safely returning to shore.
  • Have Fun!

We expect you to have a great experience. Knowing these safety tips will help ensure this is the case:

  1. Always wear your lifejacket.
  2. Most of the course is flat water and easily navigated. For the Long Distance Paddle Course, the second mile has some mild rapids. We suggest keeping to the center of the river for the first set of rapids on the Long Distance Paddle Course.
  3. If you get into difficulty, raise your paddle or arms straight up and wave back and forth to signal a request for help.
  4. If you fall out in the rapids do not hold onto rocks. We recommend that you float on your back with your feet facing downstream letting the current take you through the rapids. Once safely through the rapids you can then make your way to the most accessible river bank where volunteers will assist you.
  5. Keep yourself safe first, we will help you to recover your boat and gear once we know you are safe.
  6. Safety people that will be present on the river:
    1. A rescue boat manned by fire fighters below the rapids.
    2. Two fire fighters on the shore along the rapids with throwable ropes.
    3. Sweep boats that will follow the last boat to make sure everyone makes it to the finish line.
    4. A motorboat with two people to help that will patrol the course.
    5. Four Maine licensed guides from Three Rivers Rafting Company will be stationed at the rapids in 2 inflatable kayaks and 1 inflatable row frame.


  • The Long Distance Paddle is approximately 7 miles, and includes a section of rapids typically rated class I or II (but could become class III depending on the water level on the day of the race). We recommend that long distance racers (7 miles course) wear a helmet (whitewater or bicycle helmet) and that racers stay toward the middle of the river as they go through the rapids and aim for the “downstream V” (dark water with whitewater edges that loosely forms a ‘V’ shape and indicates the deepest and most obstacle-free path through a rapid). Racers are able to experience unique sections of the Androscoggin River, paddling past the iconic Lewiston canals, beyond the confluence of the Little Androscoggin River and through Dressers Rips, with many other recreational enthusiasts.


  • From the start at the Pedestrian Bridge which connects the Simard Payne Railroad and the Bonney Parks, a ¼ mile of flatwater to the Bernard Lown Peace Bridge (aka green covered, South Bridge)
  • From the Bernard Lown Peace Bridge there is another 1¼ mile of flatwater to the Lewiston Boat Launch
  • If you are continuing for the Long Distance paddle, there will be another ¼ mile of flatwater to Dresser Rips (class II or III rips depending on water levels)
  • We recommend that racers stay toward the left bank/middle of the river as they go through the rips and aim for the “downstream V” (dark water with whitewater edges that loosely forms a ‘V’ shape and indicates the deepest and most obstacle-free path through a rapid).
  • After the rips, .3 miles of flat water to the turnpike overpass bridge.
  • .6 miles past the turnpike overpass you may encounter easy rips.
  • Continue to the Durham Boat Launch on roughly 3.7 miles of flat water to the finish line. The boat launch is within a small cove so look for the buoys!

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