Acres: Acres: 29.4 | Ownership: Public | Owner: Androscoggin Land Trust | Public Access: Yes

French Falls JayFrench Falls is a 29.4-acre riverside property in Jay, Maine owned by Androscoggin Land Trust.  The property is located in the Village of Chisholm situated between Route 4 and the Androscoggin River and includes trails that run through the property and to the “French Falls”, and an approximately 10-acre recreational facility at the center which includes ball fields and a parking lot.

The Town of Jay’s leases the recreational facility from ALT and they hold many family-friendly events year-round including a “Music in the Park” event series in the Summer and the “Spruce Mountain Sled-In” winter festival. The Jay Recreation Committee takes great care of the trails and grounds and helps to make French Falls a very inviting place to visit for many reasons.


The property is close to Spruce Mountain Schools – elementary, middle, and high school for the towns of Jay, Livermore, and Livermore Falls – making it a hub for outdoor community recreational activities. It also borders the Whistle Stop Trail, popular with snowmobilers and ATV enthusiasts, making it a convenient place for recreationists to meet.






Additional info is available on Maine Trail Finder.

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