Acres: Acres: 3 | Ownership: Public | Public Access: Yes

This approximately 4-acre island in the Androscoggin River is situated roughly a quarter-mile downstream of the Durham River Park. Donated to ALT in 2010 by the Town of Lisbon, the island is to be incorporated in the Androscoggin Greenway vision. Generally flat with steep banks along the river, the island is mostly hardwood species on a fertile, well-drained soil and contains important floodplain, bird and wildlife habitat.

Directions:  From the Durham River Park on Route 136 non-motorized boats can be launched to access the island.  For motorized boats, the Durham Boat Launch should be used for access.   Boats should navigate into the small channel between this island and the larger Wagg Island, where boats can be pulled up and visitors can scramble up the slopes of the island.

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