Acres: Acres: 42 | Ownership: Public | Owner: Androscoggin Land Trust | Public Access: Yes

Seven Mile_319_thumb This 42-acre property lies just east of Seven Mile Stream about half a mile above the stream’s confluence with the Androscoggin River. It is a complex array of forested and semi-forested wetlands with enormous wildlife benefit. Beaver activity has been observed and the habitat is excellent for many species of inland wading birds and waterfowl. It contains good habitat for woodcock and migratory songbirds as well.

Previously conserved through a long-term conservation lease with Verso Paper, ALT purchased this and other properties in October 2014 as part of our Androscoggin Greenway Community Forest Project with generous funding from Maine Natural Resource Conservation Program, Land for Maine’s Future and numerous private foundations.  We manage the land to protect its exemplary wetland habitat for wildlife.