Chisholm Trails

chisholm_logoThe communities of Jay and Livermore Falls, building on the success of the Foundry Road Trail in Livermore Falls and the well-known Whistle Stop Trail (Jay to Farmington ) in Jay are working with the Androscoggin Land Trust ( ALT ) to connect our neighborhoods, schools, and the Androscoggin River with a heritage walkway.

The Vision

Communities working together to celebrate our history, connect our special places, create recreational opportunities, and attract people to live, work and play here.


  • To contribute to the development of open spaces and trails in the Androscoggin Greenway.
  • To assist local communities in developing a deeper appreciation for the outdoor environment in which they reside.

Who is Involved?

Although the Jay and Livermore Falls area is best known for its industrial heritage and role in Maine’s forest products economy, an emerging focus on downtown revitalization and recreational use of the Androscoggin is creating innovative partnerships to attract new investment and visitors. Chisholm Trails is a grassroots organization and our partners include businesses, town government, non-profits, recreational groups and others are pitching in.

For more information or to get involved, contact: Androscoggin Land Trust, 782-2302

“I think the idea of a trail connecting the schools is a win win situation. The kids get a safe place to get exercise, the towns get a project they can work on together, and Tim Demillo and Mary Howes of Otis Ventures get support for their efforts to revive business at the Otis Mill site. This project looks to the future of Jay/Livermore Falls!”

Kenny Jacques, local businessman (Ski Depot) and landowner

“This exciting, collaboration between Chisholm Trails and Androscoggin Land Trust to build a walking trail connecting our schools deserves all the support we can muster. It addresses, health and recreation, pays homage to our heritage, lays the groundwork for future cooperation between the towns of Jay and Livermore Falls and acts to buttress growing efforts at economic revitalization. Greater Franklin Development Corp gives a big thumbs up!”

Alison Hagerstrom, Executive Director, Greater Franklin Development Corporation