LA Trails

L/A Trails is a program of volunteers committed to expanding and improving the extensive non-motorized trail network in Lewiston and Auburn. In addition to our work on trails in the natural environment, we advocate for the expansion and improvement of sidewalks and bike lanes on our streets and roads. We believe these changes will lead to an enhanced community in three significant ways:

  • healthier people who benefit from hiking, walking, and biking for fun, socializing, and transportation
  • healthier, safer transportation options for youth and adults that limits pollution and enables citizens to breathe freely while experiencing the natural treasures of our cities or commuting to local destinations
  • a healthier economy by attracting families and businesses who appreciate of the quality of life in L/A when they learn of the natural beauty and safe, alternative transportation we have available

We hope you will choose to support our effort to enhance the quality of life in Lewiston and Auburn through LA Trails. We need concerned people like you who want to share their talents, resources and voice in creating the most comprehensive, accessible and well used trail system of any Maine community.

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LA Trails History

L/A Trails was initially developed as a course project for the L/A Civic Leadership Institute in 2001. That group saw a need in our community to have safe places to walk, run and bike.  The group realized that this was not a new idea and that many people had worked on planning trails, but more work was needed to implement these wonderful plans.  The group felt that efforts were needed to be organized and unified, and thus, L/A Trails as an independent non profit advocacy organization was established.

L/A Trails was a membership organization that raised funds for projects such as lighting in Railroad Park and trail stabilizer at Mount Apatite Park.  In 2007 L/A Trails merged with Androscoggin Land Trust which shares the goal of developing the most comprehensive, accessible and well-used trail system of any Maine community, ultimately creating a connected Greenway linking L/A with other communities in Maine and New England.

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