• Marden-Chittick Refuge

    Three conservation easements were donated by Judith Marden to ALT in 2003 as the Marden-Chittick Refuge as an initial effort to permanently conserve one of the few blocks of remaining undeveloped land of over 1000 acres still remaining in Androscoggin County and critical for the maintenance of wildlife habitat. The… Read More
  • Stevens Island Rivershore Preserve

    This 232-acre property contains important floodplain and upland forest habitat and wildlife habitat along the Androscoggin River. Donated to ALT by International Paper in 1998 as part of the FERC dam re-licensing project, Stevens Island contains two state rare natural communities: Hardwood River Terrace Forest and Silver Maple Floodplain Forest. … Read More
  • Spruce Mountain Conservation Area

    This 143.6-acre property in Jay near the Spruce Mountain Ski Area overlooks the former French Falls in the Androscoggin River, a drop of six feet in the river that was blasted and mostly removed during the early industrialization of the area. The original 117-acre property was previously conserved through a… Read More
  • Seven Mile Stream Preserve

    This 42-acre property lies just east of Seven Mile Stream about half a mile above the stream's confluence with the Androscoggin River. It is a complex array of forested and semi-forested wetlands with enormous wildlife benefit. Beaver activity has been observed and the habitat is excellent for many species of… Read More
  • Old Ferry Landing

    The Old Ferry Landing is a historic ferry landing site along State Route 140 in Canton.   The property is approximately 0.35 acre in size and contains mostly floodplain forest. Directions: Take State Route 4 north to intersection with State Route 108 in Livermore.  Take a left onto State Route 108… Read More
  • LeBlanc Rivershore Preserve

    Ray and Louise LeBlanc donated this 8-acre parcel in Canton to the Androscoggin Land Trust in 1998, which includes 3500 feet of Androscoggin River frontage and important wildlife habitat. The Preserve is located just down river from McCollister Island and was part of the former Herdsdale estate. Directions:  Take State… Read More
  • Alden Hill Conservation Area

    This property of 380 acres features tall white pines thriving in the thin, hillier soils on the east side of Alden Hill Road. West of the road stands of sugar maple and white pine dominate the hardwood forests along the Androscoggin River. Previously partially conserved through a long-term conservation lease… Read More
  • Academy Hill Conservation Area

    This 392 acre property contains a wide variety of upland forest habitat and steep ledges and is owned by the Androscoggin Land Trust.   Previously partially conserved through a long-term conservation lease with Verso Paper, ALT purchased this and other properties in October 2014 as part of our Androscoggin Greenway Community… Read More
  • Hooper Pond Preserve

    The Hooper Pond area was identified by the Department of Conservation's Maine Natural Areas Program as being of statewide ecological importance due to its exemplary pond and streamshore vegetation and high quality wildlife habitat. ALT purchased the bulk of the preserve from Robert & Eva Philbrook and Pat Malmo &… Read More
  • Durham River Park

    Owned by the Town of Durham and managed by the Durham Conservation Commission, ALT has held a conservation easement on the property since 2000. This park contains 12-acres of public parkland and forest along the Androscoggin River and contains a trail system that is open to the public. Directions: The… Read More