• Little Andy Park

    Little Andy Park is located off Pulsifer Street in New Auburn next to the New Auburn Social Club and Rolly’s Diner. It lies to the west of the South Bridge and at the mouth of the Little Androscoggin River. Although small, Little Andy Park is a popular destination for community… Read More
  • West Pitch Park

    West Pitch Park is located at the northernmost end of the Riverwalk Trail, and looks over the Great Falls, formally known as Lewiston Falls. The West Pitch Park trail is a partially paved path that curves north of the Longley Bridge to the Great Falls. You will see the historic… Read More
  • Deer Rips Dam Portage and Fishing Area

    Deer Rips Dam Portage and Fishing Area is located north of the Great Falls between Gulf Island and Deer Rips Dam. Its purpose is to provide a way to get around the Deer Rips Impoundment and continue a downstream paddle along the Androscoggin.   For directions, visit the Androscoggin River… Read More
  • ELF Woods

    The wooded area surrounding Edward Little High School is named ELF Woods, short for Edward Little Forest Woods. This property is owned by the city of Auburn, and Androscoggin Land Trust organizes volunteers to steward the property. The trail that runs through ELF Woods is known as the Snake Trail,… Read More
  • North River Road Boat Launch

      North River Road Boat Launch is located in Auburn directly across the river from Lewiston's Sunnyside Park. There is no formal parking area, but there is enough room to park on the sides of the gravel road that loops through the boat launch area. The dock at the boat… Read More
  • Pettengill Park

    Pettengill Park is a 45 acre property that includes playgrounds, a pond, ballfields and forested trails.   The trail can be accessed at several locations but the southernmost terminus is located on Union Street in Auburn at the Cedar Street Park.   From Cedar Street the trail continues through the… Read More
  • Moulton Field

    Moulton Field is a 5 acre park owned by the Lewiston-Auburn Railroad and is managed by the City of Auburn. Located in Auburn the park is on the western side of Main Street. Moulton Field borders the Little Androscoggin River and connects to the Riverwalk Trail at Bonney Park.  Moulton… Read More
  • Whitman Spring Road Trail

    Spring Road Trail, better known as Whitman Spring Trail, is located in Auburn next to Lake Auburn. The historic two mile stretch of trail was once a town road that follows the northwestern shoreline of Lake Auburn and fantastic views of the lake.   Whitman Spring Road Trail is a… Read More
  • Riverwalk

    The Riverwalk trail is a paved trail in Auburn that runs alongside the Androscoggin River and begins at either Bonney Park or at the Great Falls. The trail diverts in two directions at Bonney Park.  Heading west on the trail leads to Moulton Field, and heading east leads you across… Read More
  • Festival Plaza and Downtown Auburn Boat Access

    Festival Plaza is a community gathering site in downtown Auburn. It serves as a venue for concerts, performances, and similar events. The plaza features several sculptures and fountain from which water is pumped and recycled back into the river. There are two sets of stairs that descend towards the riverfront… Read More