• French Falls Recreation Area

    French Falls is a 29.4-acre riverside property in Jay, Maine.  The property is located in the Village of Chisholm situated between Route 4 and the Androscoggin River and includes an approximately 10-acre recreational facility at the center which includes ballfields and parking lots.  The property also borders the Whistlestop Trail making… Read More
  • Pettengill Park

    Pettengill Park is a 45 acre property that includes playgrounds, a pond, ballfields and forested trails.   The trail can be accessed at several locations but the southernmost terminus is located on Union Street in Auburn at the Cedar Street Park.   From Cedar Street the trail continues through the… Read More
  • Whitman Spring Road Trail

    Spring Road Trail, better known as Whitman Spring Trail, is located in Auburn next to Lake Auburn. The historic two mile stretch of trail was once a town road that follows the northwestern shoreline of Lake Auburn and fantastic views of the lake.   Whitman Spring Road Trail is a… Read More
  • Sunnyside Park

    Sunnyside Park is a recreational park complete with basketball courts, playground equipment, seating areas, and a multi-purpose field.  The park is located on the Lewiston side of the Androscoggin River and is the southern terminus and trailhead of the Riverside Trail (see Androscoggin Riverside Trail on our website). Directions: Heading north… Read More
  • Packard-Littlefield Farm

    This working farm was conserved in 2004 through funding from the Land for Maine’s Future Program and the Farmland Ranch Protection Program.  In 2007 and 2010 the landowners, Bob and Ella Mae Packard, generously donated two additional agricultural conservation easements to the Androscoggin Land Trust, bringing the total conserved acreage… Read More
  • Lisbon Island Preserve

    This approximately 4-acre island in the Androscoggin River is situated roughly a quarter-mile downstream of the Durham River Park. Donated to ALT in 2010 by the Town of Lisbon, the island is to be incorporated in the Androscoggin Greenway vision. Generally flat with steep banks along the river, the island… Read More
  • Katherine Breton Memorial Preserve

    In 2007 Katherine "Katie" Breton generously donated approximately 100-acres of her land in Lisbon, including her home, to the Androscoggin Land Trust through her estate.  The 102 acre Katherine M. Breton Memorial Preserve conserves almost one mile of beautiful Androscoggin River frontage, 15 acres of working farmland, and more than… Read More
  • Hallelujah Farm

    This 170-acre privately -owned working farm was conserved in 2008 through a generous donation by landowner Ripley Swan, funding by the Land for Maine's Future Program and with considerable assistance by the USDA's Farm and Ranch Land Protection Program. Aside from being perpetually available for agriculture, this conservation easement property also… Read More
  • Sherwood Forest Conservation Area

    The Sherwood Forest Conservation Area contains 28 acres of woods and fields owned by the Androscoggin Land Trust adjacent to Sherwood Heights School and another 50 acres owned by the City of Auburn both of which have extensive trail systems and are also used by students for nature study and… Read More